About Us

In an everyday life that can feel very hectic, demanding and with many competing expectations Our Connecting Ways is born from a wish to help each one of us find our own way to slow down and reconnect with ourselves, our bodies and the rest of nature.

We recognise that the path to increased wellbeing for ourselves, our communities and the planet calls for a collective effort, and thus we always welcome new collaborations and partnerships.

Marta Pichardo Medina

Founder and certified forest bathing guide

Marta is a forest bathing guide certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and has led groups in forest bathing in both Denmark and the UK. Originally from Nicaragua and Denmark, and now based in Oxford. She has a background in public policy development and administration, and came to forest bathing by experiencing first-hand the benefits of being in nature in the process of recovery from a longstanding concussion.

Marta is certified in Outdoor first aid and Mental Health first Aid, always carries a first aid kit on the walks, and has public and professional liability insurance.

Marta still has strong ties with her two home countries and 5% of the earnings are donated to environment and forest conservation in Nicaragua. In Denmark she is engaged in forest bathing and nature connection projects within the concussion community and she offers public forest bathing walks in the Copenhagen area from time to time.