Seasonal Forest Bathing Experiences

Each season has its own feeling. And these guided forest bathing experiences are an opportunity to take a moment and explore how you are experiencing this particular time of the seasons.

It’s an invitation for you to get curious, slow down and renourish your body and soul.

How does it work?

We will be in a small group and you will be guided through a sensory meditation, and a series of prompts to explore nature through your senses. You will also have the opportunity to share your experiences with the group along the way, have some quiet time for yourself, before we end by drinking a cup of tea.

Who is it for?

For anyone open to experiencing nature and yourself in new, and often playful, ways.

These walks are for adults. There are no particular physical fitness requirements to participate other than being able to walk slowly for about a mile over the duration of the experience, and being able to sit on the ground for tea.

Where is it?

These experiences are held in Aston’s Eyot – a small urban nature reserve in Cowley, Oxford (just off Iffley Road)

Unfortunately, this site is not accessible for wheelchair users.


Tickets for a 2 hour guided experience and tea are:

  • £25 per person

10% of all ticket are donated to the nature conservation efforts of Friends of Aston’s Eyot.

Health & Safety and Conditions for Coming Along

Covid19 precautions:

The forest bathing sessions will be socially distant and with a group total of eight participants. You are very welcome to wear a mask if that makes you feel safer, though it is not a requirement as we are outdoors all the time and keeping a distance. Please stay at home if you have any symptoms.

Other relevant conditions:

Before the walk, please let me know if there is anything, I should be aware of regarding your physical health (i.e. mobility issues, epilepsy, plant allergies etc.) or psychological health, by writing to I might be able to accommodate for your needs when planning the route.

Acceptance of risk and responsibility:

Although forest bathing is a low-risk activity, any outdoor activity entails known and unexpected risks. So, by joining the walk you assume the full responsibility of your own well-being and safety during the walk.


We walk (light) rain or shine – but not in dangerous or overwhelming weather. So, the experience can be cancelled due to weather conditions. There is also a minimum of two (2) participants for a walk to take place.

Upcoming Seasonal Forest Bathing Experiences

Dates for autumn and winter will follow soon.

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