Life Coaching Testimonials

“I went from being a cactus in the desert to being the captain of my own ship”

“Marta arrived at a time when I felt stuck in my life. I had many opportunities before me; but I did not know what I wanted, I felt very overwhelmed, very afraid, and I needed to make decisions to take advantage of what I had before me. 

Coaching with Marta has helped me get the perspective I needed. Each session with her is an island of peace, a space for self-reflection, and where I have been able to learn tools such as meditation, grounding, nature connection and visualization. 

Through meditation I have learned to listen to my feelings in order to have a kinder and more compassionate relationship with my inner critic and to cultivate self-confidence. Along with grounding and swimming, these have become my favourite activities to relax, and connect with myself and nature. Visualization has helped me to have clarity about what I want in my future, to dream and learn to manifest my dreams. 

I can say that I went from being a cactus in the desert to being the captain of my own ship! I now embrace the changes and new opportunities that life offers me with much enthusiasm, joy and gratitude.

I highly recommend Marta when you are looking for specific and personal coaching. She provides the support needed to resolve those situations that keep us stuck and limit our dreams; to connect with our purpose and explore what we consider important in any step we decide to take towards what we want for our life.”

Alejandra G, Industrial Chemical Engineer

“[I realized] I had the power to make my inner voice a more gentle one”

“Embarking on the coaching program with Marta felt like an act of compassion toward myself. She provided me with new ways of thinking about various aspects of my life that I will revisit in the future. I appreciated that she tailored her suggestions to not only my priorities as I presented them, but also to design exercises and introduce analogies that would resonate with me specifically.

Being able to be open with an objective listener about some of my negative perceptions of myself, and my reactions to those perceptions helped me realize they were only perceptions and reactions and I had the power to make my inner voice a more gentle one.

In public health, we sometimes say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I would recommend Marta’s coaching to those at any life phase, juncture, or level of contentedness to cultivate fertile ground for gentle and compassionate growth. “

Diana W.